Posted by: MK | July 15, 2009

Ann Curry would….

I watch snippets of the Today Show every morning while I’m getting read for work and I’ve decided that I really don’t like Anne Curry. The things she says sometimes are just retardo. I mean sure it’s a morning show, but come on Ann get with the it.

My descriptions of the cast:

look at those abs!

look at those abs!

Matt Lauer: Best one on the show. He’s probably why I watch.


Meredith Vieira : She’s always laughing. She’s matt’s BFF. She knows whats up.

Ann Curry: Dumb. Speaks and then thinks. Her interview questions are random and she can never make a connection with the people she interviews. It seems like team M&M poke fun at her at times.

Al Roker: The picture speaks for itself. His side comments are often risque… he’s just a weatherman.

Natalie Morales: She has a Hispanic last name, but doesn’t seem to scream Latina!

But this is all beside the point, my point is Ann Curry isn’t all there in the head. Here’s an example. The Today Show has been promoting there ’10 years of I do’ segment for a couple weeks now. Basically, couples compete for a wedding live on the Today Show. If they are the winning couple, they have no say in there wedding as it’s all based on viewers votes. Viewers pickĀ  the rings, the honeymoon, the bridal party outfits, the wedding dress, etc… you get the idea. Anyways, today was the big day, the wedding. Everything looked great, until BAM! What’s Ann wearing?


Why yes, it’s a white based dress. How appropriate when you’re not the bride, oh wait it’s not. Rule: Don’t wear white. According to some websites, this rule has relaxed some and you can get away with wearing a printed dress with a white background and some cream colored clothing. Just be careful not to upstage the bride. I guess I just had to ask, why risk it Ann? Why?


  1. I am in love w/ Matty………… I am happy he has recovered from that accident!!! I love you Matt :)

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